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Kiersten Mikelas
MA, Marriage and Family Therapy Intern, # 71441

ForAffordable Counseling Services in Pasadena.
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 Individual Therapy

Do you feel overwhelmed in your life?

Are you "stuck" in patterns or routines that leave you feeling empty and unfulfilled?

Instead of finding joy in the moment, do you find yourself going through the motions? 

Does it feel like you live you're living your life trying to please everyone else, and your own pleasure is lost along the way?

Trying to live up to others' expectations of you can leave you feeling empty, unfulfilled, and confused... and if you don't succeed, feelings of failure can prevent you from moving to a state of success and contentment.

Whether you are dealing with feelings of anxiety or depression, confused and discouraged about your career or your marriage, or unsure about how to negotiate family responsibilities, things CAN GET BETTER!

You deserve to feel joy in your everyday life... and THIS IS POSSIBLE!      

Be the joyful owner of your life path! Don't wander down a road that leads you to a place you aren't interested in being...even if you feel it's what's expected of you... even if you feel pressure from the people around you. 

     You can create the life you desire... the life you deserve to have. Feel fulfilled when you share and give to others. Exude confidence and
be heard when you set healthy boundaries. Dissolve feelings of shame associated with being who you really are and doing what you really love.

Through Therapy Learn How To:

-Manage Stress 
-Decrease Depression
-Overcome Anxiety
-Improve Relationships
-Heal Grief and Loss
 -Develop Coping Skills
-Gain Confidence 
-Find Authenticity
 -Live a Joyful Life

Couples Counseling

Do you feel betrayed and let down by your partner?
Instead of feeling excited about the future, do you find yourself yearning for "How things used to be?"
Are you wondering if your relationship will survive the many challenges you are facing?

Do you feel hopeless about your relationship?  Are you fighting and arguing more than you are enjoying each others company?

Do you feel like you and your partner are starting to drift apart?

Being in an unsatifying romantic relationship can have a negative impact on your emotional, physical and professional health.  But things CAN get better. 

Learning to work together and forgive, even when things seem unforgivable, brings you closer together and makes your relationship stronger.

You can have the relationship you always wanted, and you and your partner can feel like you are on the same page.

You should have a relationship that is safe and fulfilling, a relationship where you feel like you are facing the world together as one team.  You deserve to love and be loved, to grow together with your partner, and to enjoy life to the fullest.

Through Counseling learn how to:

--Heal after an Affair
--Decrease Relationship Stress
--Transform Pain and Grief
--Overcome Present Roadblocks
--Communicate Better
--Create Joyful Interactions
--Develop Respect and Admiration

Steps to take after an affair:
(For the Spouse)
1.  Ask lots of questions
2.  Balance your rage with your need for information.
3.  Set a time limit on affair talk.
4.  Expect Curveballs.
5.  Talk about how the affair has affected you.
6.  Don't forgive quickly or easily
(But do forgive!)
7.  Find Support
8.  Spend time together without talking about the affair.

(For the person who had the affair)
1.  Promise to stop the affair.
2.  Answer and all questions.
3.  Show your spouse empathy.
4.  Keep talking and listening.
5.  Take responsibility
6.  Don't expect quick forgiveness.
 By Sari Harrar and Rita DeMaria, PhD

Child/Family Therapy

Are you feeling overwhelmed or out of control as a parent,
or do you feel disconnected
 from your children?

Is your child struggling socially or academically?

Have there been changes at home
that are upsetting to
you and/or your children?

There are many significant events
 in the life of a family that can be traumatic for children and adults
alike--death, birth, separation,
 divorce, moving, job loss--
all of these stressors can ignite
feelings of sadness, anxiety and fear.
I offer a safe, non-judgemental environment where children and parents, together or individually, can work to identify their feelings and develop healthy coping
and communication skills
through therapy.

Through Therapy Parents Learn To:

--Decrease Depression
--Overcome Anxiety
--Improve Relationships
--Heal Grief and Loss
--Develop Coping Skills
--Gain Confidence
--Co-parent effectively

Through Therapy Children Learn To:

--Heal Grief and Loss
--Overcome Anxiety
--Develop Coping Skills
--Gain Confidence
--Develop Autonomy
--Manage Stress

Mindful parenting is the practice
of using self-awareness to know
when it is time to self-intervene: 
to slow down, think, and decide
the course of action that will keep y
our child close to you. 

Rather than having your home
life feeling out of control and overwhelming, the
Mindful Parent creates a home that is a secure and stress-free zone --
 a place where people feel loved,
accepted and calm.

It is a way of being attuned,
parent-to-child , that fosters
resilience and emotional intelligence. 

Mindfulness can also be thought of as having a sense of
security as a

Research shows that
the parent's state of mind is
the best predictor of how their
offspring turn out in terms of
their own attachment or capacity
 for close, caring relationships.

In other words, the parent-child connection grows happy children.

of the Following:

Board of Behavioral Sciences

    The BBS is the government agency that oversees licensure for therapists in California. 

California Association of Marriage and Family  Therapists



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